6 Lies People With Chronic Pain Tell And 7 Truths They Need You To Know


Pain, sculpture by Antoni Madeyski, photo courtesy Vert, Creative Commons

by Kristin Nador/@KristinNador

This summer Keeper Hubby and I did something we have done at least ten times during our marriage. We prepared for another surgery for him. He’s been diagnosed with a condition called degenerative disc disease. No one knows why he has developed this condition at such a young age: it first showed up when he was about 32. Continue reading

Write Anywhere #53

This week it was hard to write. It was hard to do most anything. I had some illness issues for several days. Nothing serious, but a drain on my creative energy. At one time or another illness or other circumstances can stop most of us from being productive for a short time. My Write Anywhere venue took me to a place where every person has more than the average obstacles keeping them from productivity in life.

Write Anywhere #53: Pain Clinic

image by Jiri Hodan

I accompanied a friend to a pain management clinic. A serene saltwater aquarium bubbled in the middle of the room to take the patients’ minds off the pain, the needles, the prescriptions and the insurance battles.

We waited for quite a while and as is the case when people are forced to wait together, they began sharing their common ground through conversation. Age, disease, or trauma might have been the culprit, but pain was the universal denominator.

A crusty old biker, proudly limping in his riding chaps, had the ‘top’ story: he had been in a motorcycle accident, shattered the majority of his bones in multiple places, including his skull. After seventeen major surgeries the doctors had pieced him back together, but he still considered himself a very broken man. Pain was eating away at what was left of his life. Listeners could taste his bitterness.

I used the waiting to think about what these people were going through, how they came to the pain clinic both hoping and dreading to hear their name called. I watched their body movements, many stiff and slow, others shifting constantly in their seats trying to find elusive relief.

But mostly I studied their faces, contemplating how one could capture such feeling in word pictures. Words like deep, dark, etched, suffer, contort, wince, hurt, weary, frustration, hopeless, hopeful. It also reminded me that behind every face is a story.

Where did you write this week?

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